Commercial photography a quick overview about what I / we do: 


We shoot still and video of products, people and structures.

From business portraits to that great product that needs to launch right away,

everything is planned out on our end and designed to meet the goals in place.


Commercial Photography is not like wedding photography or the candid portraits uncle Bob takes.  It is a very separate niche.  If a photographer is shooting weddings, kids and everything in between, they may be able to make a cute or pretty picture, but they won’t make the kind of images a business needs.  We don’t try to do everything, we only shoot commercial work and high end portraits - Really Really Well.  In fact, we get called in to re-shoot jobs that went south for other photographers, even agencies that have missed the mark.

Our business is focused on visually shaping the way people see, feel, and react to the product or service our clients offer.


We create the visual look for their “brand”, or if brand standards are already in place, we work within those guidelines and use them when styling the images.


Our goal is to make it easy for our clients every step of the way, from coaching and directing on set to tailoring to the demographic you need to appeal to.  We narrow the selection of images to the strongest ones and bring our clients into the final selection process.  This saves everyone a lot of time.  After 10 years and a million images, its an art.


Final images from our studio:  All final images get minor adjustments before we release them. We are pros and that means that we don\\\\\\\'t use photoshop to fix mistakes we use it to create and tailor the images.  Generally we aim for 90% in camera and then do some final work after developing our digital negatives. ( Unless we have planned to shoot a composite or fx type shot. )  

We help to educate clients so they can choose and spend wisely. Many people don’t understand what or why they “need it” or are frustrated by past photography used for advertising that didn\\\\\\\'t work out and failed to get the message across clearly.  Commercial photography is a small investment into a companies future sales and success.     


I’m easy to talk to and to reach.

Msg me anytime.  ( click on contact in the menu and say hello )


Or, if you’d like to have a conversation about a project your working on,

the Studio number is 306 974 1492