Pete grew up in a small town north of Toronto Ontario. He started in the industry as a scanner operator, digitally retouching images for major international brands. For over nine years he has been shooting architecture, products, food, beverages, and people in the studio and on location. His shooting assignments include advertising, billboards, sales promotion, websites, annual reports, brochures, magazines, cover shots, editorial, portfolio books, and murals, etc. for advertising agencies, architects and for companies and firms directly.

Pete shoots with Nikon\'s highest resolution camera system. His lens selection and lighting is specifically matched to the shoot, with final touches in Photoshop to optimize for web or print. For clients who need even more resolution, he brings in the Phase One 645 system. \"Lighting is everything, we have numerous light shaping modifiers and diffusers allowing us to really control every aspect of the scene, the results are very dramatic.\"

The studio has comfortable seating for clients in the viewing area, modern seamless back-drops, variable height seating for portraits, with natural light and wireless strobe shooting available. \\\"We also have the ability to take our studio anywhere. Backdrops, lights, seating, whatever is needed. We can go to the client where ever they are. Plus we have large studio access in multiple cities across Canada, with a network of skilled hair and makeup stylists, models, and staging assistants. We offer live, wifi tethered proofing during shoots, keeping Art Directors in the loop and able to give feed back and even make/rate selections in real time.\"

Each shoot is planned in detail, and directed from start to finish, taking into consideration factors that most photographers wouldn\'t begin to think about. 

Your success is our success. Pete\'s style of photography continually increases sales for his clients by creating a visual image that showcases their brand and creates a unique identity. Our work creates desire, interest and involvement from the target audience, which translates into sales and three awards in the past two years. 

Pete consistently pushes the boundaries, exceeding his client\'s expectations. \'\"Our clients are repeat clients, they come back even more excited about the next shoot they want to do. It\'s great to hear and see their success and even better to be part of that story.\"